My name is B. I am 21 years old student, from a small but very beautiful country in Europe – Slovenia.

My love to cosmetics and makeup was born when I was a child. So it was really early clearly that I will study for beauty therapist. After years of learning and finding secretes of a beauty world is my love and passion just grow up every single day. This was the reason why I go to do the CIDESCO Diploma. This is the world's most prestigious qualification in the field of Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy. And I am really proud to be one of the CIDESCO Diploma holders. But now I write a degree for The organizer business activities in wellness.

Enough of schools .... Now something little about my life. My secret passion is drawing and writing because you fall in your dream world and show your dreams. Probably because of my love to write I start to write my own blog and I hope that someday I will publish my own book heh.

I love to travel ! I am in love in the places and people that I haven't met yet. And I am always happy to finding new places of the world and to meet there culture and art. This is probably the reason why I like history and autobiography movies. My favorite food or better word I am obsessed with a balkan and Italian kitchen.

Probably something less obviously for me is my love to basketball and football. I can say that I am probably more obsessed with matches and players like some men hehe. This is the reason why is my dream job to be massage therapist in one of the basketball or football club. To do what I love – massage and to watch what I love – matches. Also my dreams are to to work in a big fashion show as a makeup artist to feel the adrenaline.

Now I will finish with writing about me. You will know me from my post and also if you want to know something you can write to me and ask.

xoxo, Tabiči <3